• Candidate - New students that have joined Beta Alpha Psi looking to become members.  

  • Returning Candidate - Students with this standing were of “Candidate” standing the prior semester but did not complete the necessary total hours to become a member. Students in this standing are given a second chance to become a member with a reduced hourly requirement.

  • Member - Members are full fledged initiated members of Beta Alpha Psi. They completed their hours the previous semester as a “Candidate.” Members must still complete their hours to stay in “good standing” with the chapter and organization.

  • Active 1 and 2+ - Members in these standings are members that have been “members in good standing” for 1 or 2+ semesters. As a reward, their hourly requirements have been reduced.

  • Superior Standing - Members in superior standing have gone over and beyond to attain hours. These members will be showcased on our website, announced at our Spring Awards Banquet, and will be given an award for their fantastic work!